Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exclusive Insidious 3 C2E2 Event

Ahhh! My face is so scary.

Last weekend's C2E2 convention brought in hoards of fans and attractions to the Chicago area. One of these attractions was the Insidious Chapter 3:Into the Further 4D experience, try saying that more than once. Two of our producers were granted advanced access to the experience before the convention started.

The attraction is housed in an extra large trailer outfitted as the house from the movies. You walk up the front steps and "into the further". Being that the experience is inside of a trailer, the waiting area is very small and outfitted with plenty of creepy stuff to accidentally step on. 

To begin the experience you enter through a door, by your self, and walk down a hall, By Your Self. Ive never seen a haunted house experience where you go it alone, this was very new and interesting. Look out for a ghoul coming to scare you as you walk down the hall, also don't turn around and smile at him because he'll just start laughing and then you'll start laughing and it'll be weird... trust me. You'll enter another waiting area and get led into a small room with a chair by ghostly lady. This is were it gets weird. You put on a pair of headphones and some big 'ol goggles. Once they're on she sends you into the further. I won't spoil the surprise, but this level of virtual reality is very impressive.  Pro-tip: if you have a tiny head, like me, you'll have to hold the goggles up because they won't stay there.

You end out the experience with a surprise and a souvenir photo taken right when a ghoul pops up in your face (see example below). The Insidious team has set up tablets outside to share your funny photos directly to social media. This marketing campaign is really intense, major props to the Insidious team!

 The face of true terror.
So when you hear of the Insidious 3: Into the Further 4D experience coming to a convention near you, check it out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Furious 7 Demolishes the Box Office

Furious 7 broke hella records, making $147,187,040 in its opening weekend. And $245,052,121 in the foreign market.

But was the 7th in the series any good?

The film was everything you ever wanted out of a action film: guns, fight scenes, cars, planes, cars jumping out of planes...

Plus a touching memorial to actor Paul Walker.

Check out our review

Disney's Cinderella Review

Check out our review review of Disney's Cinderella

While most critics saw the fairy tale film as a lame children's film, this critic was all about it.
Looking at this film from a critics perspective, the plot was tired. But from a literary standpoint it is classic. The filmmakers obviously worked to make the antiquated story more accessible to young audiences. They also worked to make the 1950's idea of girl's dreams, less lame and materialistic. 

You'll hear in the review how freaking beautiful the film is. It is shot so well, and the colors make it look like a GD rococo painting.

Yaas girl lose that shoe

All the actors gave an awesome performance, despite the empty characters. They added on some aspects to make the characters more full, like Lady Tremaine's past, Cinderella's name, and the prince actually having a name!!

Speaking of the Prince, or King of the North, fans of Game of Thrones will rejoice that our bae Robb Stark finally got his happy ending

Better a white wedding than a red any day...

In all Cinderella is totally worth the price of admission!

Insidious Chapter 3 Preview Event

The Insidious: Chapter 3 trailer launch event was great! 

First of all the trailer really delivers or as the audience said "Scary as Hell" ". Getting free drinks and free t-shirts was a definite perk.

And the supernatural specialist Ursula Bielsk, got everyone in an eerie mood, explaining spectral projection as a real thing. 

The Q & A session with actress Haley Kiyoko was great and she warned us that she had seen the film the night before with the lights on and "hadn't slept since". 

Producer Olivia Pendleton with Haley Kiyoko

Be sure to check out Insidious Chapter 3 opening June 5th!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

GET HARD Interview with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart


Price of Admission got the amazing opportunity to participate alongside students from other schools in a phone interview with KEVIN HART AND WILL FARRELL! Freak out aside, It was an amazing opportunity to listen to two iconic comedians speak about both the serious side of acting and racial tensions and the not-so-serious idea of pooping in a bucket. This is the raw interview below, but dont forget to watch our honest critique of their new movie Get Hard, which is out in theaters now, and our animated version of the interview going to be uploaded to Youtube very soon! Be sure to subscribe to Price of Admission and seriously GO SEE THIS MOVIE

Will Farrell: Hello everyone!

Kevin Hart: Hi Claire!, Hi Eric! Hi Fancy!..

Student: What is a common misconception about the prison system that you learned in the making of this film that youd like to clear up.

Kevin Hart: Oh, that in jail they use buckets sometimes to go number two.

Will Farrell: Common misconceptions I dont know if there are any misconceptions, the misconception would be that there is any nice part of prison.

Student: Hi Guys! Thanks for coming out today, you are both very successful comedians; is there anything you two may have learned from one another on working of this film.

Kevin Hart: Ya I want to say the one thing I would take from Will is just his approach to his craft, very professional very humble. A guy who really appreciates everything, and is grounded and I think thats why, even to this day, he's still entertaining

Will Farrell: Ya I think Kevin and I kind of share the same philosophy in terms of that we obviously like to have a good time were so thankful to be doing what were doing professionally at the same time we kind of stay grounded and you know work very hard.

Student:  Hi guys its huge honor talking to you today, my question to both of you is what was it like working the new director Etan Cohen - obviously he has lots of writing experience, but this is his first time directing.

Will Farrell: It was a very good experience working with Etan Cohen you know we surrounded him with a really good team in terms of first AD and director of photography and all the key department heads so he was allowed to just kind of do, you know? His strong point was which how he could monitor the comedy and it was like a real benefit when you can have a writer as strong as Etan kind of feeding you extra banter, that sort of thing.

Kevin Hart: From my side, its like what Will said we got lucky. We got a guy whose a first time director, but has been behind the camera a lot so he soaked up some knowledge. It was a good team of producers who knew what they were doing, and they did it well. So, I think, all and all, everyone helped each other to make a common group as our movie progressed. You know we got a final product because of it, so I take my hat off to him, Good job!

Student: What made you guys on board for this movie, like what interested you?

Will Farrell: Well this was an idea that my friend and brain partner Adam McKay had for a long time, we kept talking about it and so we kind of generated the idea from our company and as we started digging into casting and figuring out who would be great to kind of tear it up with, the only name we started with was Kevin. We kind of called him up pitched him the idea!  Lucky for us, he was into it and he kind of helped right away in the development process and the script and his character and that was kind of how the whole project came together.

Student: My question is about your experience on set during the Get Hard production, Will do you think youre hard enough to survive prison, and if so, what role would you play there?

Will Farrell: I unfortunately dont feel any more qualified or more confident that I would survive in prison, so my best strategy would be just to not go. I dont know what role I would provide.

Student: I feel like a lot of your movies, specifically Stepbrothers and Ride along use a lot of Ad-libbing, so I was wondering how closely do you guys stick to the script when it comes to what is written on the page and does that really matter when it comes to like hitting the comedic punch lines.

Kevin Hart: Oh well you know its hard to find things super funny on the page in the first place, you need a foundation we had a good foundation, and you know from that foundation we were able to play in certain areas, but then can elevate a scene you always want to keep what we have on the page, because you know our writers did a great job in doing their job and their time spent allowed us to play and move around and do something good.

Student: Hey guys! So you guys obviously make a good comedy duo you're both really funny. Were in the age of remakes right now, so I was wondering if you could remake any classic comedy what would you do?

Kevin Hart: Turner and Hooch would be amazing

Will Farrell: I believe that was Tom Hanks with the dog right?

Kevin Hart: You can play hooch

Will Farrell: Oh ok

Kevin: Im not hooch

Will Farrell: Fine choice, Oh remake of a classic comedy: Kramer vs. Kramer

Student: Greetings Gentleman so Etan Cohen is responsible for writing two of my favorite comedies in the last few years like Idiocracy and Tropic thunder and when I heard that for his directorial debut he snagged the two of you to come on board! So I was wondering what it is about him and his style and flare that drew you to want to work with him and how was the experience unique to your past projects

Kevin Hart: Great question:

Kevin Hart: Ya Aton is obviously a well accomplished writer here in Hollywood with a pretty great track record, and I think he was in town and kind of on the short list of guys who were next in line to direct a feature. He had done a short film that I think attracted some notice and when you talk to him about a script in terms of articulation of story you can tell that he sounded like he was the director, and I think thats kind of what gave me the confidence to want to work with him. Also you know like the 1920s 1930s? he wore those old school khaki  directing pants also with a bullhorn and a bull riding crop so that really made him appear like a director.

Student: So why is it worked to have the ability to laugh about some of the serious racial tensions that some individuals take at heart.

Will Farrell: Its a great way to Kind of as we explore our differences once you kind of get to the chatter you realize how similar we all are and keeping true to that examining this social inequality where we are able to point out how silly these attitudes are I think that pop up from time to time

Kevin Hart: Well I cant say it better then that

Student: I was wondering as you were preparing/getting ready for this type of movie were there any prison movies or television shows that you watched

Kevin Hart: I watched a little M.A.S.H here and there.

Will Farrell: I watched a lot of shows on the cooking channel which was totally a waste of time and if I had to do it over again I wouldnt have done some of those.

            Sadly, that was the end of the interview. Pretty cool, right? Let us know in the comments if you want to read more film interviews, and what you thought of Get Hard out in theaters now! We are so thankful to Kevin Hart and Will Farrell for everything they have done, and wish them all the best with this movie. So again, GO SEE THE MOVIE!